Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Year Ago...

A year ago this Friday I was on my first date with Brenden.

A year ago this Saturday we were practically engaged.

This year our relationship (Brenden) has matured significantly.

A year ago this Memorial day weekend, Brenden was meeting my family for the first time. He hit on my little sister. My family finally got me to watch a movie by bribing me with a bit of Brazil in "Rio."

This year I'll be camping with his family in 30 degree weather... and it'll be nice to turn the TV off.

A year ago I didn't celebrate my birthday because I was still in completely-selfless (not weird or awkward) mode.

This year, my birthday became quite the adventure.

A year ago, a week before that, I got home from serving a mission in Maceio, Brasil. 

I also met Brenden. That didn't seem so important at the time.

This year--I still can't stop thinking about it...

(My mission... not Brenden... oh come on, you know what I mean.)

How I miss my mission. It brings me to tears every time I think about it. (Well, not right now-- it would just seem silly if I were bawling next to my computer while typing this little sentence!)  I dream about those people every single night and am wishing that this year I was there with them, celebrating all the wonderful changes that have happened this last year.

Saudades this year....

Maybe we'll be together the next.

Here's hoping.

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