101 in 1001

Start Date: September 18, 2013
End Date: June 15, 2016

Relationships (1-7)

Go on an outing with Baby Brenden 2 times a week for a month (Sep/Oct 2014)
Read books to Baby Brenden everyday for a month 
Sing to Baby Brenden everyday for a month
Date my husband (19/75)
Visit my family twice a month for a year (8/12)
Write a missionary weekly for 2 months
Make a new friend

Family (8-12)

Go on a family vacation 
Save up for a nice vacation
Take family pictures (2/2 - 10.24.14)
Create 3 of our very own family traditions (1/3)
Send out Christmas cards (2/3)

Health (13-18)

Get a gym membership
Exercise 4 times a week for 2 months
Run continuously in 3 5Ks
Run a half marathon
Go on 5 hikes (2/5)
Take a dance class

Personal (19-24)

Find a way to improve my posture (9/30/13 - foam roller exercises)
Implement said method for 2 months
Buy a pair of black flats (10/10/13)
Add 15 new items to my wardrobe (1/26/13)
Replace 3 pairs of shoes (5/28/13)
Read 2 books in Portuguese to keep up on language

Spiritual Growth (25-33)

Go to the temple once a week for 2 months
Attend the Salt Lake Temple twice (2)
Read the Doctrine and Covenants (12.15.14)
Read the Pearl of Great Price
Read the Old Testament
Read the New Testament
Complete the Personal Progress program
Read 3 Gospel related books
Read the Ensign (24)

Genealogy (34-36)

Write in my journal twice a week for 2 months
Find 2 family names
Index 100 batches

Do Good (37-40)

Volunteer in the community
Send 30 handwritten notes/letters
Give a compliment each day for 2 weeks
Remember to say thank you every night for a month

My To-Do List (41-52)

Get a passport with my married name
Put together an address book
Send out wedding thank yous
Finish baby thank you cards (1/10/14)
Make/send out a baby announcement
Finish transcribing my mission notes (3/2/14)
Get a mission chest
Organize my pictures
Get/backup files from my dad’s
Return all the things I have borrowed
Create Brenden’s Website
Obtain music equipment receipts for 2012-2013

Music (53-57)

Take piano lessons for 1 year
Practice every weekday for 3 months
Memorize every major scale
Understand the 3 minor scales
Write and record an original song

Food (58-63)

Successful meal planning for a month
Try 50 new recipes (32/50)
Add 10 new meals to my repertoire (7/10)
Find recipes for 5 healthy snacks
Make a pie from scratch
Grow something edible (May 2014 - spinach)

Create/Craft (64-72)

Complete my wedding scrapbook
Make a first-year scrapbook
Complete one hand-made scrapbook
Sew a dress using a pattern
Alter 3 outfits from a thrift store
Sew valence curtains
Make pillow covers
Make wreaths for 5 holidays (2/5)
Take a painting or drawing class

Finances (73-77)

Save up for the Apogee Symphony (purchased Oct 2014)
Purchase a Silhouette Cameo
Purchase a keyboard (11/10/13)
Return money used for car to savings
Pay off 80% of our auto loan

Home (78-85)

Refinish our dressers
Print a large wedding portrait 
Acquire our own Christmas tree decorations
Buy a plant for the window
Keep said plant alive for a month
Buy frames for the stairway
Finish labeling all containers
Laminate my labels

Fun (86-96)

Find and read a new book series
Learn to ski or snowboard
Visit 4 new temples (4)
Go to a drive in movie
Go ice fishing
Try 5 new restaurants (5/5 - November 2014)
Host a shower (JPs baby shower - May 2014)
Go sledding
Completely organize my mothers laundry/sewing room
Help declutter, organize, and decorate first floor of parent’s home
Get hardwood floors on the first floor of mom’s home

Self-Control/Sacrifice (97-101)

Don’t hit the snooze button for 2 weeks
Go to bed by 10:30 PM for a month (excluding Fridays)
Get up by 7:30 AM for a month (excluding Saturdays)
Go without soda for 2 months
No sugar for a month

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  1. way to go, woman!! I need to do something like this. :)