Friday, April 27, 2012

Finding Faith Part 1

Brenden has definitely been out-blogging me these days. Perhaps one of the reasons I have been postponing my posts that I have so desperately wanted to write is that I didn't want to make my blog into a youtube. But... I can not help that much of what has been inspiring me as of late have been from online media.

At a BYU devotional near the end of March, a theater professor, Amy Jensen, spoke some lovely words on media that really got me thinking. She reminded us that we have the opportunity to "inject goodness, testimony, and faith into the world."

And these people have done that for me:

This is a picture of the bottom half of the faces of Danny and Mara Kofoed. They have a blog called A Blog About Love ( On this blog, they have shared their story by posting their emails to one another. Two recently divorced people, who found strength and faith in the face of huge obstacles, overcame, and came together.

It brings tears to my eyes just to think about the goodness of these people. When I read of the things they have gone through, I find a deeper appreciation for the love of my Father and of my husband, for my faith, and for the hard experiences I have gone through that have changed and shaped me into who I am today.

Reading and feeling of the goodness of these two makes me want to be better. It seems like when I'm quick to get annoyed or frustrated--I can open up to their blog, read an email, and instantly remember the significance of my own marriage and find a greater love and appreciation for my blessings, especially Brenden.

Their optimistic attitudes are contagious. Although their words bring temporary relief to my own bad attitudes--the very nature of who they are helps me to try to become that person for others around me.

There is SO much good in the world. Sometimes it's hard to keep sight of that. It's so easy to become overwhelmed with checklists, exhausted from work that seems tireless and never ending. It's all too often that we view the world negatively, sometimes brought to tears for the degrading moral standards of the world around us.

But isn't it wonderful when we open our eyes to the life's beauty, when we see the hand of the God. He is ever-present, and there are so many wonderful people that help open our eyes and hearts to Him.

We can be that for others.

Thanks for your inspiration! More faith-building examples to come soon....

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