Monday, June 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekendzao

I love the mountains, although our relationship seems to have followed the times and we've been on a no-real-personal-contact basis. Much to my chagrin (and undoubtedly the mountains), my time has been occupied by slightly less enjoyable hikes on the south side of campus.

It seems the mountains, for me, are quite constant. Although I may come and go, they always hold the same peace and splendor each time I visit. I love to be there. Words don't quite describe the breathless sensation that I get each time I witness their incredible beauty that God has created.

Yes, the mountains are good for all sorts of things. Along with its pure awe-factor, comes hiking, fishing, and camping! ...which is quite constant itself.

Along with its normal list of hot dogs, tents, s'mores, and campfires comes something different for me. As most of my camping trips in the past few years have been as a leader with the young women, I generally associate camping with being mistaken as one of them.

So, when I went camping with Brenden's family, it was nice to have things switched up. For my first time, camping came with rifles...

ATVs... music... trailers... 

And despite some childish behavior, a general knowledge that I was, in fact, older than seventeen.

Well... except for a sweet lady in the chapel in Evanston. She must have thought I was lost or was sweet of her to invite back to young womens.
I guess some things never change. 

Perhaps one day I will thank the mountains for keeping me young.

But tonight I'm going to buy some knitting needles and perfume to distinguish me at camp.

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