Monday, August 26, 2013

Month Two

Holy cow. Is it too late to take back what I said about wanting to watch him grow? Cradle cap and acne kicked in way too soon and I can't believe that this little man is already two months old! He's nearly doubled in size and his sleep-fest the last two days is telling me that we may soon have a little giant on our hands.

Here's a look at how much this little baby has grown:

  4 days                                                             2 months

 10 days                                                             2 months

First camping trip (07/29/2013)

Funny boy! :)

This little baby is all smiles! :)

Here are some snapshots of lots of sweet moments, 

some not so happy faces, 

and one homemade diaper. :) 

Welcome to puberty little Brenden, we hope the second time around is just a cute.

<3 Mommy


  1. ok- first off, RACHEL, YOU HAVE A BLOG??? Second- YOUR BABY IS ADORABLE!!!! Thrid- I totally have seen the slo-mo flying kitten video and had no idea that Brenden did the music! He's really good!

    1. Ashley dear, 1: I do! So glad you stumbled on it! 2: Isn't he the cutest?! and 3: that's amazing! Brenden actually worked on the video as well! Hope your new job/home is fabulous. :)