Sunday, July 7, 2013


Love is taking a stream of poo to the chest, covering your clothes, sheets, and pillow at four in the morning and not even getting mad about it.

And maybe even taking a moment to laugh. I think it was just Brenden's way of saying, "welcome to motherhood."

It has been so much fun.

I can't believe ten days with this little baby have come and gone! He has already grown and changed so much. I've heard lots of parents tell their kids to slow down and stop growing. And while I'd like to immortalize this cute baby face and pause time before cradle cap and acne kick in, I'm also so excited to see him grow. I can't wait to watch him learn and change into the person he will become.

Welcome to the world, baby Brenden! Hoping this welcome will leave you feeling a bit more.. clean.

At the hospital

First days home

Laughs and funny faces :)

More Baby Brenden

We love you
<3 Mommy

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